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Kalin Uluave, a student here at BYU-Hawaii , is the proud owner of “Soda Bomb” located in the Polynesian Cultural Center. Kalin and his wife Kiana are the people behind Laie’s greatest sweet treat treasure. They proudly serve delicious mixed drinks and homemade sweet treats to locals, students and tourists who stop by the Polynesian Cultural Center. Kalin described Soda Bomb as, “We are a food truck that sells baked good and unique mixed sodas! We are located at the Polynesian Cultural Center.”.

Kalin has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and a determination to start his own company. He has participated in the Great Ideas and Empower Your Dreams competitions several times and has won various prizes. When asked what inspired him to start his company he responded, “My wife and I saw the mixed soda business while living in Utah so we dreamed of starting one in Hawaii. We want to stay in Hawaii long term so we needed a reason to stay, and owning a business is a great reason!” They saw the success that other people had on the mainland with mixed drinks and brought this idea to the island. Many students who are from Utah are so happy to see a taste of home on the islands! It has been a huge success when introduced to tourist and community members as well. Kiana is from Laie, so they wanted to create a business that would allow them to stay on the North Shore of Oahu.

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